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As a trained chef, I'm here to take the stress out of meal time and bring families back to the table.

I will cook in your kitchen to bring you fully prepared fresh, wholesome meals with organic ingredients for you and your entire family.

You no longer have to stress about what to cook, or having the time to run to the grocery store. 

Let me take the meal time stress off your plate so you have extra time to do what you love.


Benefits of  Hiring a Personal Chef

Eat Healthier

Most everyone wants to eat healthier and live an overall healthy lifestyle, but life itself gets in the way.  We are just too busy! That's where I come in. You'll be eating healthier in no time with your fridge stocked with fresh salads and ready to heat up meals that include plenty of fresh, organic, non-GMO, locally sourced fruits and vegetables. 

Less Food Waste

We have all been there, stocking the fridge with fresh veggies that you never get around to prepping and they wind up in the compost heap. Such a waste! Problem solved as I provide all the groceries so there is little to no food waste. All meals are portioned to fit your families needs and stored in containers you already have, so the use of plastics is reduced. 

Try New Recipes

Each month is an opportunity to try new recipes. I will send you a menu to choose from based on your plan. The menu is meant to inspire and encourage you to try new foods and flavors, but you do not have to choose from it if you have a set of family favorites .

Sign up for a 30 minute free consultation to learn more

Personal cheffing thyme and life

How it Works:

  1. Set up a free 30 minute consultation. Here we will discuss likes and dislikes, food sensitivities, or any allergies. 

  2. Together we will decide which plan works best for you.

  3. Choose which day and time works best for you and I will do my best to accommodate.

  4. Based on your plan, I will be in your kitchen for 1 to 2 hours, cooking your meals, stocking your fridge and cleaning up so it looks like I was never there.

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Personal Cheffing Meal Plans



This plan is the soup to nuts!


 It is an every week time slot and includes:


3 Entrees feeding 4-6 

3 Sides

2 Salads with a protein and dressing ( great for lunches) 

1 Soup

1 Breakfast 

1 Snack 




Perfect for a family with small children.


This is an every week time slot and includes:


3 Entrees feeding 4

3 Sides

1 Breakfast

1 Snack





This plan is great for 2 peeps.


An every week time slot and includes:


2 Entrees

2 Sides

1 Soup or snack




There are two options for this every OTHER  week time slot.


Option 1: For the freezer stocker.

2 Entrees for 4

2 Sides

1 Soup, snack or breakfast item





Option 2: This plan is great for singles or an add on for busy nights.


This is an every other week time slot and includes:

2 Entrees

1 Soup, snack or breakfast item



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