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When my two children were young, there were days that I couldn't even get off the couch. I was busy icing various joints in my body.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be playing with them and going on hikes with my family. But the pain was so debilitating that being physically active was not my reality.


Instead I went to various doctors for tests and massage therapists to feel good for a few hours. It was extremely frustrating... and depressing.


I was about to give up.


Then my rheumatologist clearly gave up. He said, "we just have to find you the right pain meds.” I was infuriated. There's not a chance I was going to take pain meds for the rest of my life! Sick of treating the symptom, not the cause, I asked my doctor if I possibly have a food allergy? His answer: "No, this has nothing to do with food." 

I took matters into my own hands.


I researched the heck out of how foods affected the body. What I found was astonishing. Particularly how fast food, processed foods, sugar and dairy affect my body.

Could the answer really be as simple as cutting out certain foods? YES! Yes, it can... and it was.

I went on a completely plant based diet and within two weeks, my pain vanished!!! Poof. Gone. That’s how quickly the body can heal itself if given the right tools. 


Food changed my life. 

I started eating differently for my health. The side effect caught me by surprise. Weight loss, lots of it. Actually, two sizes worth.

Having healed myself through food, the obvious next step was to help others do the same. I wanted to empower others having their own health and wellness struggles. I wanted to be a part of someone else's transformative journey. So I studied to become a health coach. Within a year, I was an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


For my whole life, I've loved to cook. I feel fortunate to have found success doing something I love. I never dreamed that I would be hired to help people eat healthier. Let alone inspiring clients to reach their goals and be their best selves. That’s the best thing about being a personal chef and wellness coach.

There is no "one size fits all" to weight loss and well-being.

Although it’s true for everyone that healthier food choices can help you live longer and look better.

You don’t have to continue taking care of yourself last. Your kids, your family, your work definitely don’t need to come first. You do. I promise, they will be just fine. 

Powerful things happen when you put your mind and energy into finding the food and lifestyle practices that work best for you.

Let’s find out just how strong you are. Click below to set up a free consult.

Food Blogger

I'm on a personal mission to bring families back to the dinner table because food has the power to change everything.

Are you READY to start your journey?

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What Clients are Saying...

"Jodi has truly helped me and my family of 4 eat so much healthier since we met 2 years ago. Her meals are not only nutritious, they are delicious! And the variety suits adults and teenagers alike - no more late night cravings or needless takeout for us! Jodi is also exceedingly kind and easy to communicate with about dietary needs and special requests. I recommend her with 5+ stars!" 

- Ellen L.

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