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Herb Salt Blends
  • Herb Salt Blends

    All salt blends are great for finishing off your dish, like icing on the cake. Some ideas for use:

    1. Basil, Garlic - Basic blend that will taste great on just about anything from a simply sliced garden tomato to baked fish or turkey sliders.
    2. Dill, Lemon, Garlic - Delicious on eggs of any kind as well as seared salmon and in homemade salad dressing. 
    3. Parsley, Garlic - A simple blend that goes great on roasted or steamed vegetables, poached chicken or flakey fish.
    4. Garlic, Oregano, Parsley, Chili flake - for me this is best as a pizza or pasta topper just to add a little kick.
    5. Garlic, Chive - So good on roasted, baked or smashed sweet potatoes, or anything :)
    6. Cilantro, Lime, Chili, Cumin - Add to beef or chicken for Friday night fajitas, or mashed avocado for a quick guacamole. Also great  to create a quick black bean and corn salsa.
    7. Cinnamon, Sage - This is a favorite of mine! Love on any winter squash, adds another depth of flavor to a beef or lamb stew. 


    Any blend is also delicious sprinkled on some home popped popcorn :)


    The possibilities are endless, let your imagination run wild. 

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